</COMMENT> No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3 support for APPLET!! You need to install the java2 plug-in and the java3d extension for this applet to run. Please, follow instructions in help link to know how to install the required plug-in and extension
Please, wait while 3D Solar System is loaded & initialized
How to use / Instrucciones de uso

Mouse Drag

Rotate around selected body/ Rotación sobre cuerpo seleccionado

Remember, The planets Explorer 2.0 internet demo needs the Java2 plug-in and the Java3D extension to work. You can download them from:



Alt+Drag Change distance to selected body/ Cambiar distancia a cuerpo

Rotate with selected body/ Rotar con cuerpo seleccionado

Do not rotate with selected body/ No rotar con cuerpo seleccionado
Teleport to selection/ Teletransporte a selección


Mariano Perez Abadia & Alfonso Villanueva Lahuerta

Space trip to selected body/ Viaje espacial a selección